With more than 20 diving spots, Marmaris is a paradise for certified divers. In addition to the diving points in Marmaris where you can see the “Big 5” of the underwater world: Grouper, Caretta, Muren, Akya and Octopus, there are amphoras from ancient times, wall dives, Canyon, Tunnel and Cave alternatives. We guarantee that you will enjoy diving in the extraordinarily clear blue waters of Marmaris.

Every day at 10:00, we set out to the blue waters of Marmaris with our diving boat with a capacity of 50 people. It takes 20-25 minutes to reach even the most remote diving spot. After doing our dives at the first point, we move to the second point.

After doing our second dives, we return to Marmaris around 13:00 – 14:00. While we rest between dives, we also sip Cemal Kaptan’s legendary rabbit blood tea. When we leave in the morning, we mostly host our certified diver friends and students in training.

We go for the second round of diving around 15:00 in the afternoon. This time, we go to a diving spot of our choice, do a single dive and return to Marmaris around 17:00-17:30. On our afternoon departures, we usually host our friends who will meet the magical world of underwater for the first time by doing a Trial Dive. Of course, our certified guests who want to dive in the morning and continue diving in the afternoon also join us. We go to some popular diving spots several times a week (for example, Kanyon diving point), but we also include relatively less visited diving spots in our program (for example, 13 banko, Sarıot, etc.).

We decide which diving spots we will go to that day as we leave the port in the morning. Although most of the time we make choices based on your demands, sometimes the weather/sea conditions unfortunately limit our options. But we guarantee that you will have good dives every day. Our Daily Diving Tour price includes 2 dives and refreshments on the boat. If you want to dive for more than one day, you can choose one of our advantageous Diving Packages. If you haven’t dived for a long time, we recommend you take a Remembrance Dive to get the most out of your diving holiday.

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