PADI Trainings

Beginner Level Trainings

You met the magical world of underwater for the first time and you liked it very much. Now all you have to do is take training and become a certified diver. Sounds nice, right? At the end of this training, which takes approximately 3 or 4 days, you will be able to dive anywhere in the world with a certificate you will receive. The theoretical information you will receive during the training will enlighten you on why some of the rules applied in diving are applied in that way, you will get to know the diving equipment you will use and you will learn all the basic procedures related to diving. In the practical part of the training, you will gradually improve your surface and underwater skills. Your instructor will teach you how to assemble, disassemble and use your equipment correctly. You will learn and adopt all the skills necessary for safe and comfortable diving by repeating them many times during this course.

Advanced Trainings

You have completed your Beginner Level training and have many dives recorded in your Diving Logbook… You are starting to feel more comfortable underwater with each dive. What you need to do now is to become an experienced diver by attending one of the Advanced Trainings. Each of our Advanced Trainings will open new horizons for you; It will allow you to increase your limits and help you make safer, more enjoyable and more comfortable dives.

Professional Level Trainings

You have been diving for years… You have learned your limits… You have gradually acquired your own equipment… Diving has now become an indispensable part of your life. In your dives so far, you have dived in groups under the leadership of a Leader; You have always been in the position of questioning and following. Now it’s time to take on a leadership role in the world of diving by evaluating your accumulated experiences and increasing your theoretical and practical knowledge… Maybe you are even considering transitioning to professionalism. It is very easy to achieve these goals by participating in our Professional Level Trainings…

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